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A Healing Space
to Release
and reeducate

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Kim's intergrated bodywork approach incorporates her in-depth study of anatomy and kinesiology with influences from manual therapy, orthopedic massage, ART (active release technique), NMR (neuromuscular reprogramming), MET (muscle energy technique), chiropractic, Rolfing®, QiGong, visceral manipulation, cranial sacral therapy and many physical therapy, meditation and breathwork techniques.

Her interactive bodywork sessions initially include an assessment of postural tendencies and alignment of the bones and joints. Kim feels the quality of the muscle tissue and scans for stagnation in the visceral system. She then listens to the subtle rhythm of the cranial sacral system. Kim’s work ultimately provides a better balance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. 

Kim utilizes techniques such as joint mobilization, spinal articulation, soft tissue release, active release stretching and neuromuscular reprogramming to ultimately reeducate the motor control system for new patterning. She works intuitively to direct the flow of energy through the meridians to release stagnation and to prevent dis-ease.

The result is a new way to be embodied.