In Kim’s private practice, she provides support and guidance for client’s to unwind compensatory habits that have developed throughout their lives.  These habits generally surface in the form of physical injury, emotional holding, tension in the nervous system, dysfunctional patterns and visceral stagnation.

Her work includes, muscular-skeletal assessment and function movement patterning observation.  Treatments provided are manual therapies for the joints and bones and bodywork for the muscles and tissue.  Most importantly, through movement Kim guides the re-education of the client’s system through neuro-muscular re-training to provide more efficiency of movement in their everyday life.

Kim helps design a home program that includes breath work, stretching and strengthening that will help inspire the client’s home practice.  All of this work is to aid in the self-realization of one’s true path: health, well being, strength, clarity, flexibility and body consciousness.

Along with yoga, Kim integrates these systems together to provide the following benefits:

  1. Improve body alignment and posture

  2. Enhance body awareness and balance

  3. Increase flexibility and range of motion

  4. Develop breath awareness

  5. Build strength and muscle tone

  6. Sharpen concentration and focus

  7. Balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system

  8. Improve neuromuscular coordination

  9. Release stress and increase energy

  10. Rehabilitate and prevent injuries

Kim uniquely blends the many systems she has explored, including:

Pilates focuses on quality compound movements incorporating the use of many stabilizing muscle groups while strengthening and improving range of motion and flexibility though the combined use of apparatus and floor exercises.

Gyrotonic Expansion System promotes a healthier spine by developing and enhancing flexibility, strength, neuromuscular coordination, breath control and cardiovascular stimulation.  This system improves all the movement of the spine, forward, backward, side-bending, twisting and three dimensional circular motion.

Gyrokinesis is a form of yoga incorporating rhythmic fluid movements bounded on the principle of dance, gymnastics and T’ai chi.  Gyrokinesis progresses through sitting, lying and standing positions with corresponding breathing patterns, stimulating the nervous system, energy pathways and oxygenating the blood.

Orthopedic Massage incorporates soft tissue manipulation, stretching and mobilization to address muscular distortions, adhesions, displacement and spasms.  The intention of using these techniques is to return specific fibers to their optimally functional state:  one of dynamic symmetry between contractions and relaxation.

Individual Sessions