Class Description

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Kim offers a mixed level class and encourages each student to tune into their own needs, as well as the group energy.  She supports each individual toward the exploration of his/her own inner wisdom, guidance and self-creativity.

In Kim’s classes the focus is to invite students to practice yoga-based movement in a safe, clear way.  There is more emphasis on the actions of each movement and pose versus the outcome or end result.  In class, students practice embodiment through movement by combining stretching and strengthening to bridge the concepts of fitness, yoga and creative flow.

Each class has a different theme that will accommodate the dynamics of the group’s energy that day.  We begin by inviting the body to move with the breath and move into forward bends, hip openers, backbends, twists, core strengthening, arm balances and/or inversions.  Using the elements of nature including earth, water, fire and air, Kim helps guide the group towards embodying each individual’s inner wisdom. 

The class will:

  1. Connect to the earth through grounding the bones

  2. Enjoy the fluidity of water with music and the flow of breath

  3. Inspire the fire within by building core strength

  4. Encourage support and feeling in the heart, to expand and radiate out

Kim has over 20 years of experience in the movement therapy and bodywork fields and loves to share what she has learned!  Her goal  for all students on the healing path is to encourage an opening of the heart while staying grounded.


  1. Improve body alignment and posture

  2. Enhance body awareness and balance

  3. Increase flexibility and range of motion

  4. Develop breath awareness

  5. Build strength and muscle tone

  6. Sharpen concentration and focus

  7. Balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system

  8. Improve neuromuscular coordination

  9. Release stress and increase energy


Class Schedules with Themes:

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